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For over 20 years we have helped companies reach their financial goals. Finpro FP&A consulting is a boutique firm designed for Small and Medium Growth-Stage Companies seeking to maximize results.




San Mateo, CA


Our Services

We help you to unlock the true meaning of data and to provide insightful analysis to drive your company forward. 

Financial Planning

We are your financial planning specialist who can assist with the planning process, ensuring a comprehensive approach. This includes, if necessary, establishing a rolling forecast process and annual plan to achieve your financial goals with precision.

Financial Analysis

Our financial analysis services for small businesses go beyond just numbers – we provide insightful perspectives that illuminate areas for focus, strategic investments, and potential cost curtailment. Our aim is to guide you towards effectively achieving your company goals with a clear understanding of your financial landscape.

Financial System Consulting

With a comprehensive skill set that spans corporate CPM tools, including expertise in Workday Adaptive Planning, our team excels in providing financial systems consulting services. We have a proven track record of assisting companies in establishing robust models, facilitating seamless reporting, optimizing headcount planning, and implementing effective rolling forecasts. Our proficiency extends to Office Connect and web-based reporting, ensuring that we can deliver top-notch solutions and dashboards tailored to your needs.

Project Management

Require project management professional services to ensure your project stays on track and within budget? Our team excels in shepherding projects with the support of our extensive FP&A experience. We seamlessly collaborate with all corporate functions, encompassing S&M, R&D, and G&A, to guarantee a holistic approach to project management that yields success.

Financial System Consulting

Our team has experience in a range of corporate CPM tools including Workday Adaptive Planning for which we have helped companies establish robust models, reporting, headcount planning, and rolling forecasts. We are very fluent in OfficeConnect, as well as web-based reporting, and dashboards.

Project Management

Need someone to keep the project on pace and within budget? Our team can help shepherd the project by leveraging our vast FP&A experience, interacting with all corporate functions including S&M, R&D, and G&A.

Support Functions

Do you just need consulting or temp help to keep the ship afloat while rebalancing the team? We can help plug-in immediately with any FP&A-related activities.